Kombinalong Australian Cattle Dogs

"Home of the Super Dogs"

Team Kombinalong celebrates more than 40 years of preservation breeding, providing certainty with physical and behavioural traits and predictability regarding hereditary issues and health conditions.

Team Kombinalong encompasses the history of the breed’s purpose and function, with generations of health-tested conformation tested, temperament tested and instinct-tested dogs.

Team Kombinalong has always focused on what the forefathers of the breed described in the first breed standard of 1903.

"Likened to a small, thickset Dingo"

Team Kombinalong has bred and exhibited more than 90 champions in Australia and overseas and exported to over 18 countries worldwide.

Commencing in 1979 with the purchase of an Australian Cattle dog as a companion/show dog. Narelle Hammond immediately fell in love with the breed and over the past 40 + years has established herself and her kennels as one of the leading Australian Cattle Dog kennels worldwide.

All the "SUPER DOGS" are conditioned exclusively on

"Team Kombinalong" are proud to be part of the TOW team

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Narelle Hammond

ANKC/FCI International All Breeds Judge # 17719

Sydney Australia

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Phone: 0419787375

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